Lyric™: A Family Paradise Awaiting at RidgeGate

Lyric™: A Family Paradise Awaiting at RidgeGate

Welcome to Lyric at RidgeGate™ — where the essence of community meets modern living, crafting a symphony of family-friendly experiences that resonate through every corner. Nestled in a dynamic neighborhood that thrives on connectivity and outdoor living, Lyric™ stands as a beacon for families of all sizes and generations that offers a lifestyle as dynamic as it is fulfilling. Here’s why Lyric at RidgeGate™ is not just a place to live — but a true family paradise waiting to be discovered.

Multigenerational Living Made Easy

At the heart of the community’s appeal are thoughtfully-designed floorplans — such as The Tribute Collection — which include Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), the perfect solution for multigenerational families. These versatile living spaces provide independence while keeping loved ones close, ensuring that grandparents, adult children, or extended family members have their own private cozy retreat within the family homestead. The ADUs at Lyric™ are more than just living spaces: They’re a testament to the community’s commitment to embracing the diverse needs of modern families.

Education at its Best in the Douglas School District

The foundation of a strong community lies in the opportunities it provides for growth and learning. Families at Lyric™ have the privilege of accessing one of Denver’s top educational offerings — the Douglas School District. Renowned for its excellence in education, innovative learning environments, and dedication to student success, the district promises a bright future for the youngest residents of RidgeGate. Moreover, nearly eight acres have been set aside for a future school site, underscoring a commitment to expanding educational opportunities and catering to the growing needs of the community. It’s an invaluable asset for families, ensuring that children receive the best start in life, right from their own doorstep.

There’s a Lot to Love About Lyric™

Imagine a summer day spent lounging by an inviting outdoor pool, children splashing in the water under the sun’s gentle embrace. Lyric at RidgeGate™ will turn this dream into a daily reality, with a future spectacular pool area that promises endless fun and relaxation — and in the meantime, residents have access to RidgeGate’s own community pool. Beyond the pool, the community is dotted with parks and open spaces perfect for picnics, playdates, and leisurely strolls. These amenities are not just conveniences — they’re the building blocks of a childhood filled with joy and a community life brimming with social connections.

Adventure and Leisure in RidgeGate

The allure of RidgeGate extends beyond the confines of Lyric™, inviting families to explore a world of outdoor adventures and leisure activities. Whether it’s hiking the local trails, enjoying a family bike ride, or simply admiring the natural Colorado beauty that surrounds the area, you’ll always find something to do. This sense of community is further enriched by RidgeGate’s exciting lifestyle, highlighted by an exciting roster of events including Yoga in the Park and a summer concert series that fills the air with melodies and relaxation. Not to be overlooked, nearby Schweiger Ranch offers a calendar brimming with seasonal festivities that provide a unique glimpse into local heritage and tradition. Additionally, the Lone Tree Arts Center stands as a cultural beacon with a diverse lineup of performances and exhibitions that appeal to every age and interest, ensuring that life in RidgeGate can be experienced in all its colorful dimensions.  The community’s close-knit spirit is complemented by its vibrant surroundings that offer cultural events, shopping, and dining options that cater to all tastes and ages.

Lyric at RidgeGate™ will be more than just a collection of homes — it’s on track to be a thriving family paradise that celebrates the joys of community living. With its ADUs for multigenerational families, access to top-tier education, exceptional planned amenities, and a world of adventure right outside your door, Lyric™ offers a lifestyle that’s as enriching as it is enjoyable. Families looking for a place to grow, connect, and create lasting memories will find their haven here amidst the beauty and vibrancy of RidgeGate. Welcome to Lyric™, where family dreams come to life in the most beautiful of melodies.